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I don’t always love change. It makes me anxious.

Even worse than change is knowing it’s imminent and being helpless to bring it about sooner – a state I was in for most of this Summer.

I am both simultaneously excited and saddened to announce a significant life-change that will, as much as hate to admit it, undoubtedly have an immediate impact on Canes Domain.



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(Photo Credit: Lethbridge Hurricanes)

After a fast and furious rookie camp and countless main camp scrimmages, the 2016-2017 Lethbridge Hurricanes’ roster is slowly starting to take shape. Tonight the remaining players faced off in the annual Red vs White intrasquad game at the Enmax Centre. a great opportunity for fans (particularly those who’ve been unable to attend any of  the previous training camp sessions) to get a sneak peak at their favourite major junior team and to catch a glimpse of the promising young prospects in the system.

It was a great opportunity for fans (particularly those who had been unable to attend any of  the previous training camp sessions) to get a sneak peak at their favourite major junior team and to catch a glimpse of the promising young prospects in the system.

What happened, who stood out, and were there any big surprises?

Here’s your game summary and some quick analysis.


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(Photo Credit: Lethbridge Hurricanes)

2016-2017 training camp gets underway tonight with on-ice sessions at the Enmax Centre. All the rookies will be fired up to hit the ice and show off the skills and fitness gains they’ve been refining throughout the summer. As it stands, a good showing during rookie camp could eventually translate into a shot with the big club.

The 2016-2017 Hurricanes roster will not be drastically different from what it was at the end of last season. There’s a large contingent of players returning – something that I believe bodes well for the team. Players who were on this team last season will know what to expect. They will arrive with a purpose and (hopefully) confidence in the program. Stability, in this case, cannot be a bad thing.

As is the case with the turn of every WHL calendar, last season’s overagers are no longer eligible to play. With Millette, Atwal, Gutierrez off on the next season of life, and Andrew Nielsen eying a pro career, the Hurricanes are left needing to fill a number of holes in the roster. There may not be  a significant number of vacancies, but the roles available are not insignificant.

Today I want to very quickly analyze the Hurricanes depth chart and try to help frame the next few weeks of training camp.


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(Credit: Steve Hiscock)

Funny how the summer always seems to fly by. The rookies hit the ice next week! Hurricanes hockey is just around the corner and I wanted to take a quick peek into the coming season. It only seems fitting to examine a few reasons fans (and management) should be excited about the coming season.

With the foundation the players and coaches were able to establish last season, it’s not hard to be optimistic about the outlook for the coming hockey season. The team is on solid footing and the players ought to be returning with gleeful energy and confidence. The Hurricanes are a good team and there’s no reason this group shouldn’t once again be competing as one of the best in the Eastern Conference.

Without further ado, I present to you five reasons Hurricanes fans should be excited for 2016-2017.


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Well hi everyone! Despite our best efforts to be as summer-lazy as possible, Canes Domain does – at least in body – still exist.

I awoke from my sun-burnt summer coma last week and realized… hockey season is only a few short weeks away. I should probably see if I still remember how to write. It’s taken me about twenty minutes to pen this intro so the jury is still out.

In all seriousness, it feels great to hammer away at the keyboard once again. Curious about what the summer has been like? Maybe want to know a little about what the future has in store for Canes Domain?

Here’s a monkey on the beach – oh – and long overdue Canes Domain summer update.    


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