110% Podcast feat. Canesdomain

  • Brock Boot



I had an opportunity to join Jordan Karst and the team on 110% podcast on Friday evening. Beers were drank, peppermint schnapps shots were drank, and good times were had by all. I had a blast with these guys and am extremely grateful for the chance to join professionals like Fred Jack, Jordan, and Angela on a podcast. I’ve never had a chance to discuss sports in this format and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. Despite my hesitation and mild discomfort with a different communication format (talking is different than writing), I can’t wait to get back  with the 110% crew and join the podcast again.

Thanks for the invite Jordan.

We took time to discuss the Hurricanes goaltending, the Jaeger White trade, and much more.

Check it out below!

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