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The latest on WHL trades up to the Jan 10th trade deadline. Check back frequently for wall to wall trade coverage. With the Rebels hosting the Memorial Cup this season, the Eastern Conference trade scene is more interesting than ever. If this is your first time visiting Canes Domain – welcome. We primarily cover the Lethbridge Hurricanes, but on occasions like the deadline, it’s great to open things up and take a more broad view. We hope you enjoy our coverage and visit often.

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That wraps up our Trade Deadline LIVE blog for 2016. Thanks to all who stopped by over the last week or so. Altogether it wasn’t the most thrilling trade deadline in recent years. With so many teams still feeling competitive in both conferences, the player pool which which to make trades happen was very small. We all know that Red Deer was the big mover and shaker at, and leading up to the deadline. Calgary also made a splash bringing in Gennaro. You could make the argument that Moose Jaw and Regina were two of the biggest surprises. The decision by the Warriors to stay the course with Point and bring in a few defensemen for a run was bold. We will have to wait and see if it pays off.

As far as the Pats are concerned, they shuffled around the overagers, moved out a young centre, and will now push for the playoffs. Regina has some very nice pieces up front, and Sanford may put their offense over the top.

Out West, Seattle was the most active. They brought in a stud overage goaltender in Landon Bow at the price of losing speedy winger Jamal Watson and Taz Burman. They also acquired Calvin Leth and Bryan Allbee. If they weren’t already, the Thunderbirds are now a powerhouse in the West. They are big, talented, and look poised to make a deep playoff push. Perhaps more interesting out West is the teams that didn’t make a move. The Americans weren’t very active for a team at the bottom of their conference. Neither did tops teams like Kelowna or Victoria get in on the action. Either they are exceptionally happy with their clubs, or the deals just weren’t out there to be made. My guess? The answer lies somewhere in between…

To wrap things up, I think I will declare Seattle a deadline winner in the West, and one of either Moose Jaw or Red Deer winners in the East. Red Deer’s decisions were the easier due to their circumstance, so Moose Jaw impresses me most. I’m not sure it was the right decision, but I respect it and  I think it will make the playoffs more interesting. As far as Seattle is concerned, they now have a goaltender that can go up against the Harts and Hills of the world. Allbee and Leth will only add to an already deep team. Watch out Kelowna.



Peter Anholt has swung a deal to acquire 18 year old centre Colton Kroeker from the Regina Pats. The Hurricanes sent a 3rd round pick in 2016 back in return.







Seems like things came down to the wire. Trades being announced as I write. Interesting that the White experiment in Everett is over so soon. Like many before him, the ex-Hurricane will make his way to Brandon.



Jaeger-White-to-Brandon Rebels-Broncos-Trade-1



After going public about his trade request, Cole Sanford is now a Regina Pat. The plot thickened more at today’s deadline as Sanford agent tweeted out that Cole had requested a trade as early as November at the Tigers had declined numerous offers. Either way, the trade is official now and the overager will take his talents to the Queen city.




CANES TRADE ALLAN – JAN 10, 11:55 am

The Hurricanes moved Scott Allan to Calgary for a pick. Not exactly a blockbuster, but Anholt add’s another pick to his stockpile. Never a bad thing especially for a player that isn’t even with the club right now. Allan was squeezed out by Darian Skeoch in training camp and has been playing in the BCHL. It’s a good opportunity for Allan and I’m happy to see him get another shot. He’s a big tall guy and has experience in the league. Never bad to have those guys kicking around come playoff time…





A big trade just dropped between Calgary and Prince Albert. Not one I saw coming.




WARRIORS BACK AT IT – JAN 10, 11:00 am

The Moose Jaw Warriors have moved to acquire another defensman from the Western Conference, this time Patrik Maier. It’s a rare move in that the two teams swapped import players. The Warriors once again acquire a 5th round pick as part of the return – helping to offset the loss of a 2nd round pick to Vancouver (a pick I believe they acquired in the Perillat trade with Saskatoon). Moose Jaw was one of the teams caught between a rock and a hard place entering today’s deadline. Not a bad team, but did they have enough to really contend? They have a super star in Brayden Point, an emerging stud netminder, and it appears they want to try make a run rather than sell.





The Moose Jaw Warriors got involved in the trade deadline scene, but not in the way that many expected. No, Brayden Point wasn’t involved. Instead, Moose Jaw acquired a veteran defender in Josh Thrower. Does that mean the Warriors have decided to try make a run in the playoffs rather than sell off their most impressive asset? If that’s the case, I don’t blame them. I don’t think the Warriors are too far from being a contender and they have game breakers like Point and Sawchenko. Why not Moose Jaw? They wouldn’t be who I would put my money on in the East, but if they do decide to hold on to Point and try make a run, I for one wouldn’t fault them.





After a busy Monday, things settled down Tuesday and Wednesday. The only move made Wednesday was between the Tri City Americans and the Regina Pats. Tri City moved overage forward Brian Williams to the Pats in exchange for… nothing? It was a strange “trade” that had some folks a little confused on Twitter. My understanding is that Regina had an agreement with Tri City to release one of their overagers and pick up Williams. Think of it as a quasi-waiver claim. In order to clear room in their overage pool, the Pats released ex-Hurricane Taylor Cooper. Moving Cooper to Regina in exchange for Brady Reagan was one of Anholt’s first moves as GM.

Unless Cooper is picked up by another team in the next little while, Reagan will be the only remaining player active in the WHL involved in the famous Ryan Pilon deal. Reagan has been playing pretty well of late and we may one day look back at the Pilon trade in a different light. It’s still difficult to argue the Canes upright won the Duke deal, but as of now, they are the only team still getting value out of the Pilon trade. Food for thought.

If you want to check out a full breakdown article we did of the Duke and Pilon deals, check it out here. The article includes full trade “tree” graphics.




ANHOLT SPEAKS – JAN 5, 2:49 pm

I want to pass along a great interview between Pat Siedlecki and GM Peter Anholt. I have shared it below, but the original link is up on Pat’s blog here. Be sure to regularly check Pat’s site. He is a consummate professional with fantastic content and access.

As far as the interview goes, it’s pretty much your typical Anholt fare. Pete is a rational, level headed guy that doesn’t show his cards. That said, he is also transparent about things (in a calculated way), including the realities of the Hurricanes attendance. I loved his admission that things have been tough for a long time here – empathizing with the fans while also crediting those who stuck it out. The team has turned it around on the ice, but it’s been a much slower turnaround in regards to attendance, and I get the feeling Pete understands it.


As far as the deadline is concerned, I interpreted his comments as sincere, yet guarded. He went so far as to say that he would be surprised if they made any moves at all – citing that the player pool is extremely small this deadline. He’s right of course. There aren’t many sure-fire sellers on the market right now, but don’t let that fool you. If he has a chance to make a move, he’s gonna make it. Just because he said he doesn’t think they will make a move, doesn’t mean he isn’t trying. It’s gamesmanship at its finest. This is not a man that sounds desperate and it’s not a man that’s going to get taken advantage of (like GM’s of the past). Peter is dealing from a position of strength – a dramatically different situation than one year ago where he was working feverishly to blow things up.

He reinforced that he doesn’t want to jeopardize the future with a desperation move. While that’s no doubt the truth, what else is he supposed to say? No GM wants to do that. When it comes down to it, he also gave credit to Red Deer for their moves and actually insinuated that he didn’t believe they gave up that much of their future. If that’s his feelings about what Red Deer did, than keep an open mind about potential Canes’ moves. Anholt might see value in players much differently than fans (that’s a good thing in this case).

Overall, I get the feeling that if the Canes are going to make a move, it’s not going to be until the 10th. Anholt seems content to wait-out other GM’s and prey on their last minute fears. If nothing works out, so be it. The Hurricanes are more than good enough to make a run and win a round or two (maybe more). If waiting gets him the deal he really wants, than fantastic.

For the first time in forever, this deadline is a win-win for Lethbridge.



BRONCO’S MOVE BOW – JAN 5, 2:30 pm

The Swift Current Bronco’s completed another trade with Seattle, shipping the 20 year old netminder out West. I was really disappointed when I saw this trade happen. It’s great for Landon Bow, but Jamal Watson is coming out on the short end. Watson, a long time Hurricane and ex captain, has yet to play in a playoff game. He’s 20. Seattle would have been a surreal playoff experience and now he’s on his way to Swift Current. It’s too bad – but there is a business side to hockey – and the Tbirds clearly felt the need for a stud netminder. It’s hard to argue they didn’t get one with Bow. Landon has put up some exceptionally strong numbers on a sub-par Broncos team and will help Seattle make a push in the West.

Perhaps there is more to come? The Broncos still have Martin and they may yet try and move Jamal Watson. There is still over three days before the Jan 10 deadline and anything is possible…




THINGS HEAT UP – JAN 5, 9:10 am

Teams continued to get an early start on making moves yesterday. It seems like the Rebels caused a bit of a stir in the WHL community and GMs are getting more aggressive in the days prior to the deadline. It’s a very interesting trade market right now. Both conferences have allot of parody and a few teams that are still in the mix for the playoffs are having to decide if they will buy, sell, or hold tight. Kootenay and Swift Current are in sure fire sell mode, and to their credit, they have taken advantage and made some (seemingly) balanced hockey trades.

I have created graphics for all the moves that were made yesterday (Monday, Jan 4). Kootenay, Saskatoon and Seattle all made a splash. We also saw Brandon make some preliminary moves. Is there more to come?

Finally, I’ve included some Twitter reaction on yesterday’s deals below.


1 2 3

4 5


REBELS REVIEW – JAN 3, 6:01 pm

I thought it might be beneficial to review some of the important trades made by the top teams in the East. More specifically, the Rebels have been the only team to dive-in fully and I wanted to recap the moves they have made. If any of Calgary, Red Deer, Brandon, or Prince Albert makes a move, I’ll be sure to add an update and a graphic. It will help us see who made the biggest splash and track which teams are likely to strike next.








In order to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the looming trade deadline and the moves the Hurricanes make, we’ve started a live blog. This page will be updated anytime there is news pertaining to a Hurricanes trade in the coming week. Whether that be a rumbling, rumor, speculation, trade announcement, or analysis, check back here for the latest.






9 thoughts on “2016 Trade Deadline: LIVE BLOG”

  1. Brock Boot says:

    Nothing more exciting than trades, particularly trades made by grand master Anholt.

    Bring it on.

  2. gerry says:

    Canes will sit tight (I believe) there isn’t a need …however if one comes Peter will want top dollar for any of his boys

    1. Brock Boot says:

      Gerry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Somehow your comment didn’t make it through our spam filter and I just saw it now! Fixed.

      1. gerry says:

        keep up the great read

        1. Brock Boot says:

          You rock Gerry. As long as people like you keep reading and commenting we will keep writing.

          Do you expect the Canes to make some moves? Or would you be happy if they just sat on the sidelines?

          1. Gerry says:

            As far as I am concerned we can sit tight the chemistry is there to continue as is

          2. Brock Boot says:

            Gerry, that seems to be the popular sentiment among fans I talk to. I understand it too. We’re a pretty easy to please bunch at this point wouldn’t you say?

  3. selloutcrowd says:

    Anholt’s comments about trading or not are very interesting. Is there really a hidden message as Canes Domain seems to think. If there is….let me throw one out there just for the heck of it. In order to shore up the d-men and give them another stay-at-home d-man, what about Brandon Carlo 6’5″ 201 from TC who are currently 5pts out of a wild card spot. Carlo likely will be with Boston’s AHL team next year. Just a thought, otherwise leave the roster alone. Chemistry!!!!!!

    1. Brock Boot says:

      I’m not suggesting Anholt is lying or anything heinous. I just don’t take it at face value. I think it’s smart and I get the feeling he’s going to make the smart move (whatever it may be).

      Carlo’s name has floated around now for a day or two… where there’s smoke?

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