Hi everyone and welcome to Canes Domain!

At it’s very heart, Canes Domain is a website dedicated to local major jr. hockey. The site is not affiliated with the Lethbridge Hurricanes or the Western Hockey League.

Thanks largely to the many winter nights I spent with my father enjoying the warm confines of the Enmax Centre, I am a proponent of junior hockey. Every WHL team, Lethbridge included, has a unique opportunity to facilitate community building in its home city. Attending a hockey game is a chance to not merely view high-level athletes, but also to connect with friends, family, and fans. My love for hockey and appreciation of what it has meant in my own life – has been a significant driving force behind building canesdomain.com.

The decision to act on my inspiration and put Canes Domain into motion came at a very turbulent time for the Hurricanes organization. Canes Domain doesn’t exist to heap either criticism or un-do-praise on the team – but instead focuses on providing hockey fans in Lethbridge with objective analysis and (hopefully) informative content. Canes Domain has no secret agenda. In it’s purest form, I envision Canes Domain as an online meeting place for fans and followers from all walks of life. For years I waited for someone to develop a website and online community where hockey fans in Lethbridge would be provided with highly engaging, thoughtful, well-informed opinions and news articles about the Hurricanes. As humbly as possible, my dream would be for Canes Domain to fill that void.



With that said, if canesdomain.com doesn’t add contributors and evolve, the site will eventually crumble and fall apart. Canes Domain needs to become more than the thoughts and efforts of one. I want to invite those of you with even a waning interest in local hockey to get engaged and join in the conversation. The Hurricanes are Lethbridge’s team and everyone should have the opportunity to read, learn, and share their thoughts – no matter the level of their hockey expertise. I hope you make Canes Domain your home to do that.

Above all, we aim to have FUN. Hockey is a game. It’s a sport, and with fun removed, I’m not sure it’s one I would have ever fallen in love with.

Thank you for visiting. Your readership is truly, deeply appreciated. Without you this website will never succeed.

Remember to drop us a line in the comments section attached to the articles, or connect with us on Twitter @canesdomain

Go Canes Go!

– Brock


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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Paul Figler says:

    Hey I like the looks of the new site a ton.

    Wanted to ask, if in future we start a podcast, would you be interested in being a guest? A podcast is in the plans/works but not sure when that may start.

    1. Brock says:

      Thanks Paul!! It’s been a load of work but it a getting close. The podcast sounds great. Just let me know ahead of time and I would love to join.

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