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The Hurricanes have struggled to find a visual identity. For a multitude of reasons, the team has gone through many different primary logos in its history. Arguably, none of the logos have been clear cut ‘home-runs’. Even though I don’t necessarily think the team should run out and look to change the logo again, I figured it might be fun to take a run at designing something different…


Using the current colour scheme, I tried to think of a different take on the name Hurricanes. The actual weather phenomena of a Hurricane is extremely difficult to turn into an interesting logo. It needed to be something somewhat out of the box. What I eventually landed on was inspiration from Greek mythology.


The logo is an incarnation of Aeolus, the Greek god of wind. Seeing as Lethbridge is windy, and hurricanes are very much synonymous with wind, it made sense. Truthfully, as is, I think the logo may work better with a different colour scheme, but it was important to me to retain at least some of the Hurricanes’ prior look.


All in all, it was a fun exercise and I wanted to share it. This is a first draft, and with some more work could probably be radically improved. It may even be fun to design a jersey around this logo. For now,  I just hope you get a kick out of it. I would love to hear what your favorite Hurricanes logo has been and what you would like to see  change/stay the same moving forward with the current Hurricanes logos/jerseys.

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