Canes Remain in CHL Top 10

  • Brock Boot



For the second week in a row, the Lethbridge Hurricanes find themselves in the BMO CHL top ten rankings. This is the 13th week of the rankings and it’s not the first time the Canes have made the cut. They were an honorable mention a few weeks ago, and were ranked 10th just last week. After a strong week, the Canes moved up one position and now sit 9th.

Like most arbitrary rankings, this doesn’t really mean much of anything at all. It’s pretty much just a pat on the back – but even still – this is cool! I don’t care if I’m just a click-bait sucker for these sorts of things… I love it.

Well done Hurricanes. It’s been many years since Lethbridge last graced the CHL top 10. It’s great to see hard work rewarded.

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