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Even in the midst of a seven game winning streak, the Hurricanes weren’t able to crack the top five in this weeks CHL BMO top ten! That said, there are some fantastic teams on this list. Say what you will about Eastern bias, I do believe the teams in the top five are all “for real”. There hasn’t been much in the way of movement over the last few weeks. Erie, London, Val-D’or, and Rouyn-Noranda are the beasts out East, and Lethbridge still has much to prove in order to be taken seriously in a conversation about Memorial Cup contenders.

The Hurricanes just don’t have the superstar name power (or the brand power alla London Knights) that some of the other teams in the top ten have. Matthew Tkachuck (London), Julien Gauthier (Val D’or), Olli Juolevi (London), Max Jones (London), Alexander Dubricat (Erie), and Taylor Raddysh (Erie) are all listed in the top 50 of NHL Central Scouting’s 2016 midterm draft rankings. You’re going to hear allot about these players and the teams they play on, and for good reason. They are sensational young talents that any team would love to have. How much the hype around these players effects the general perception of overall team quality I don’t know – but I do know star power only takes you so far.

The way I see it, the Hurricanes are in the perfect position. They are recognized as good, but they don’t have to live under the pressure that high profile teams Like Erie, London, Kitchener or Red Deer do. Lethbridge doesn’t have to live up to any unnecessary expectations – they just have to play. Come April, I’d take a well rounded team over a top-loaded name power squad any day of the week. Some of the teams ranked are the real deal, and some are getting by on name recognition alone.

Which are which – only time will tell.


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