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Creating some fun swag has been something we have been thinking about doing from the very beginning. Now that the season is approaching and there is a bit of down time before things really kick into gear, we would love some help choosing merch designs. I think it would be fantastic to have regular readers/contributors here on Canes Domain wearing some swanky merch around the city. It would help to connect people and spark hockey conversations. If that is going to happen, it would be fantastic to hear from those of you who would actually wear the shirts when it comes to choosing a design. Vote for your favorite. Have your voice be heard. Democracy is a beautiful thing.


Below are a variety of shirts designed by the diverse staff at Canes Domain HQ here in Lethbridge. Take a look at the designs and vote below on your favorite.

The hope is to have shirts as part of prize packages for contests we will run during the season. However! If you would possibly be interested in purchasing a shirt, we are not opposed to selling them. While prices are not final, likely in the neighborhood of $25-$30 per shirt. What I need to know is what shirt design you want made, and how interested you would be in winning/buying one so I can judge quantities accordingly.

CONCEPT 1: “Biker Vest”





This design says, “I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’m also a fighter so back off warchild. Seriously.” If you like this design, you are the kind of person that goes to hockey games to do two things, have a beer, and pistol-whip some trouble-makers…And you’re all out of beer. It’s like a biker vest, but not leather, and with sleeves… and you didn’t have to burn down the homes of innocents as your initiation. Goes well with a studded belt and shotgun bandoleer. Jonny Cash and ACDC wore black, you should too.

CONCEPT 2: “Vanilla RED”


Sometimes the best flavor is the original. Keep it simple, keep it classy, and keep skull logos away from my children. This is a hockey game, not a 1980’s Alice Cooper cover band performance. I want people to know I support the Canes both, at the games, and online in the blogosphere. OR alternatively, I want people to know I don’t support the Canes, but I want a new place to complain and troll people online so I still support the blog. Come as you are. We love you all the same.

(Note colours are not final but digital renders)

CONCEPT 3: “Vanilla BLUE”


Everything above… just blue.


Getting hats made might be a little down the road, as the process is more complicated and the prices are higher. However, I wanted to throw out a design anyhow.

Canes-Domain-Hat Canes-Domain-Hat-2


Like I said, nothing has been ordered, but I would love to get feedback and gauge interest in making some blog merch. I am excited to (hopefully) offer prizes and contests throughout the season to get people engaged in have a little fun. I would also be cool to see blog gear around the Enmax and possibly bump into a few of you on the concourse.

Vote below! We will check the results in a few days and go from there!

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