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Things have been very busy this past week and I have been unable to finish working on a few blog posts I have been planning. So for that I am sorry. As the weather in Lethbridge continues to improve, the temptation to spend more time outside grows stronger. Instead of writing I have focused on aerating the lawn, watching NHL playoffs, and getting a head start on my beach season bronze.


With that said, I do have a few posts I am hoping to finalize and get up in the next week so stay tuned. There is still so much to talk about with this Hurricanes team and you can expect semi-regular content throughout the spring and summer. The feedback I have been receiving has been nothing short of amazing and I want to again say thank you for the support. I have been able to connect with some very smart and interesting people thanks to all of the shares on Twitter and other social media outlets. I am excited to continue to connect with people around the city and the league in hope that I can bring more insight and expertise to the content on

My plan is for things to really ramp up here on the blog in the Fall. I am already planning some very exciting content for hockey fans each and every Canes game-day next season. I would actually love to get some input from fans. What do you want to see on the blog? What content have you been wanting but not getting here or elsewhere on the Canes? I want to reiterate that the vision for this site is to facilitate great conversation focused on the Canes, and hockey in general. What features can I implement to help bring about that end? Reply or tweet out some feedback if you have any!


– How great have the NHL playoffs been? I have particularly enjoyed the Jets-Ducks, and Flames-Canucks series. The hockey has been really entertaining and hard hitting. Both teams that win their respective series will certainly benefit from a few days off to heal up some of the bruises. I won’t deny that I am on the Jet’s bandwagon. I really hope they can manage at least one win. It is pretty amazing to see the fan support in that city. With that said, the Ducks are looking very good right now. Kessler and Silfverburg are looking like the best second line in the playoffs and are a very scary part of a one-two punch with the Getzlaf-Perry line. It would be a treat to see a Chicago-Anaheim series down the road….

– I gotta hand it to the Flames. They are an amazing story. Every time people count them out, they come back and prove that they are not a mirage. As an Oilers fan, I must confess I am jealous of what the Flames are doing right now. Putting that aside, I think it is all around good for local hockey to have the Flames and Oilers pointed in a positive direction. We have watched both teams wander around in the desert long enough, and I for one cannot wait to see the two (hopefully) meet in the playoffs in coming years.

– Conner McDavid. Wow. I am still speechless. I have lots to say, and yet nothing at all. It is truly amazing. I understand why people are upset he is going to the Oilers, but I think much of the criticism of their other top picks is unwarranted. The Oilers havn’t ruined any of their star young players’ careers ( granted Yakupov was close for a while). The problem has been management leaving the young players with no help and questions in net. I would argue the Oilers are a much better place for McDavid to land than Arizona, Toronto or Buffalo. He is going to play beside some very talented players (Eberle, Hall, Yakupov, Pouliout, etc..) and that should be exciting for hockey fans.

Suck it Eastern media. Enjoy your rebuild Leafs fans. We have Connor Mc-freaking-David and booooyyyy is it sweet.



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