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The invention of the wheel, construction of the pyramids, Fall of Rome, Age of Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution, and Lethbridge Hurricanes first 2015-2016 exhibition game – each a landmark moment in the history of history. What we witness tonight will live on in infamy for hours if not days. This evenings game between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat will truly mark the beginning of the end… of the exhibition season. But will it also mark the end of an era of organizational futility? For the sake of everyone involved, I sure hope so.



Tonight will be a great opportunity to really see what some of the young Hurricanes are made of. Both teams will be looking to evaluate how their youngest players fare against bigger faster players, in a more intense setting than internal team scrimmages. By his own admission (in a great interview with Pat Siedlecki), coach Kisio suggested he would be looking to dress an extremely young roster for the first few exhibition games. There are plenty of good reasons to get the young guys in games early. As a management staff, you do not want young guys sitting around, when they could be getting valuable minutes with their Bantam squad back home. By getting the rookies in games early, it also doesn’t allow them time to get too anxious watching from the sidelines. Each of the remaining players has shown they deserve to still be with the team, and it’s important for the organization to help facilitate that confidence by giving them ice time early on.

It can be tough to really understand where a player is at in early exhibition games due primarily to the fact that the opposition is likely dressing an equally inexperienced lineup. As a result, tonights game will not be an accurate indication of the level of play we should expect to see opening night of the regular season. That’s not to say that tonights game will be lacking in entertainment value however. On the contrary. I think we can expect to see two young teams chomping at the bit to smash one another through the glass. Both squads will be weary of playing against themselves, and we could be in for a spirited affair with lots of goals, fights, and odd-man rushes.

What more could you ask for?

Is it essential for the Canes to win tonight? By no means. It would, however, be a great way to start the exhibition season. There seems to be an overwhelmingly positive energy in the Hurricanes camp right now, and while I don’t believe a loss tonight would dampen spirts, it would be fantastic to see what a win could add to the mix.


Check back later today.



  • Would be great to see a decent turnout tonight. The money is going to a good place and it is the only home exhibition game that will be played at the Enmax. Be sure to spread the word to anyone who may be interested in watching some early season hockey and lets fill the rink for Lethbridge Minor Hockey.


  • Can we please start a petition to ban “Who Let the Dogs Out” and “Cotton Eyed Joe” from the Enmax for all of time? We as a human culture, need to recognize we are better than this. We have evolved beyond these songs and those like them. It’s 2015. I can stream Vampire Diaries on my tablet sized phone while eating a Double Down and driving a Tesla to the nearest lithium ion charging station. Let’s leave early 00’s in the dust.


  • How, in a multi-million dollar renovation, did the City of Lethbridge not think to put draft beer kegs right by the taps? I’m pretty sure the beer at Enmax travels further than the beer in those Sapporo commercials with the Japanese drummers and dragons. Yes, I will continue to pay 7 dollars for an occasionally cold, occasionally bubbly Canadian – but I will also hold onto my dream of a brighter, sudsier future, where beer is actually located where it’s dispersed.



Game Day Prediction: The Hurricanes put on an energized show and beat the Tigers 8-6 on the back of an Egor Babenko hat trick.

Obvious Game Day Prediction: In the middle of the second period, the Tigers will take a timeout to measure the size of the Enmax parking lots in order to advise the engineers of the Canalta Center 2.0.

Not so Obvious Game Day Prediction: When the Canes’ starting goalie posts a shutout, the team from Sugar Daddies will give free doughnuts to everyone in attendance. Trevor Hardy will deny the players any, forcing them to respond by immediately requesting to be traded to Brandon where Kelly McCrimmon will give away bottomless Tim’s honey crullers. Brandon will get punished for bribing players and be forced to surrender all their 1st overall picks for a decade to the Canes. As a result, Anholt will be promoted to Hurricanes Supreme Chancellor.


What are YOU excited to see from the teams tonight? Who will you be watching closely? Let us know in the comments section below.






One thought on “EX G1 PREVIEW: TIGERS @ CANES”

  1. Brock Boot says:

    Yeeeeeaaaaa hockey time. Get hype friends. Get hype.

    Depending on line ups, I will be watching Watson, Bellerive and Franklin closely. Also very interested to see what Ben Dupperault can do over the next few games. He is older and has some WHL experience. Could be an opportunity for the coaches to fill out the roster with a bigger, more experienced player.

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