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 I hate to say it only 12 games into the year, but tonight I will be taking a sabbatical. I need a game night away from the laptop. Its not something I feel great about doing. After all, one of my motivations for starting to write about the Canes was what I felt was a lack of game-day coverage. But with the late West coast starts, and an overwhelming amount of content pumped out in the last five days, I need a break. While I hate to miss a game, the season is a marathon and Canes Domain will be there with Canes fans all the way till the end. Tonight is a rare opportunity for me to sneak away and spend time with friends/family. I hope you understand.

Tonight the Hurricanes face the Giants in Vancouver. Start time is 8pm MST. The Canes will be looking for their 9th (or is it 8th now? I’ve lost count!) win in a row against a Giant’s team that just spent two days overhauling its roster. Vancouver made some big deals with both Calgary and with Medicine Hat. How will those trades impact tonight’s game? That’s anyone’s guess. Vancouver hasn’t been playing great hockey for the last two weeks but Lethbridge could begin to suffer from fatigue.

Frankly, despite being on a lengthy winning streak, the Hurricanes haven’t looked as solid in recent games. They’ve still been getting wins, but I would like to see another full effort like the game they played against Red Deer a few weeks ago. Is Skinner the guy tonight? Was Sittler hurt? Will some of the bottom pairing D men turn around with a better performance tonight? Can Wong and Burke keep it up? Lot’s of juicy storylines.

For those of you planning to stream the game, I hope it’s a high energy affair. Arvin Atwal is returning to Vancouver for the first time since being traded and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get involved physically and maybe even drop the gloves again. It should be fun.

Don’t forget to check out all the content that has gone up in recent days and be sure to check back for full coverage both Friday and Saturday when the Canes take on the Rockets and the Blazers.


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