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Let me just say that three games in three nights is the worst. I don’t even have to play and I’m tired. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the players. I sat on my couch, ate a bag of popcorn and drank three grenadine screwdrivers last night and the thought of another game today is gross. The fact that the Hurricanes could potentially lose three games in three nights makes it even less appealing.

It’s a quick turnaround, but they will need to dig deep and find some points.
Lets do this…



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The Hurricanes really put themselves in trouble when they let Moose Jaw comeback and win Friday night. Winning in Brandon the following night was always going to be tough, and they once again lost when scoring first. Now, twenty hours and four hundred kilometres later, the Hurricanes will need to muster all they can to try salvage something from what is turning into a disastrous weekend. It’s November, so it’s not the end of the world, but with another loss tonight, the Hurricanes will have lost six of their last nine games. It seemed like they were fully back-on-track in a home win against Seattle, but this trip has again exposed some underlying issues. Bad habits are creeping-in and Kisio will need to remain vigilant.


The Hurricanes have already beat Regina once this season, but in truth, it was an ugly game. Neither team played particularly well, and were it not for the effort of Tyler Wong, the Hurricanes likely wouldn’t have won. The Hurricanes faced young Tyler Brown that night, and with Wapple traded away, will likely face him again tonight.


Adam Brooks has continued to produce for Regina. He scored a hattrick against Lethbridge in their first meeting and the Hurricanes will need to key in on him if they want to win. Sam Steel has also had a strong year for the Pats. He has 18 points in 17 games played and will be another important defensive assignment for the Hurricanes.



One of the biggest issues the Hurricanes have let enter their game is penalties. Just this weekend alone, the Hurricanes have taken 13 minors. It was their undoing against the Warriors, and although the Wheat Kings didn’t score on the man advantage last night, killing off six minor penalties takes a toll. Special teams, the same thing that was winning Lethbridge games in the first quarter, has been a let down this weekend. The turning point of last nights game (from my perspective), was a short handed goal by Reid Duke that happened because Kord Pankewicz got too fancy in the offensive zone. The Hurricanes may have had an argument on a non-call against a Wheat King who had taken a run at Babenko moments earlier, but what happened happened. It was a play where two worlds collided. Pankewicz, acquired as part of the Duke deal, simply made a bad play and the Wheat Kings scored.

Until the Hurricanes stop taking so many penalties, winning is going to come with great difficulty. Tonight, on the third game in three nights, they will need to be extra vigilant in order to avoid penalties. The temptation with tired legs will be to hook and glide.
It’s also the first afternoon game the Hurricanes will play this season. How will they respond? I hope well, but to say todays game is a tough test is putting it mildly.



GDP: The Hurricanes fall flat on short rest in the afternoon and lose 5-2 to the Regina Pats.

OGDP: Adam Brooks scores two goals.

NSOGDP: Babenko and Merezhko are confused about why the Brandt Centre permanently smells like a feedlot. Corey Millette is forced to explain it’s just a Saskatchewan thing.   


What do you think? Who are you excited to watch tonight and what will be the outcome. Comment below.


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One thought on “GDB 20.0: TURNAROUND…”

  1. @TheransDad says:

    I think our canes are still a bit of a wild card. You do t know which team you will get. I fully expected a loss against Seattle and they out gritted the Thunderbirds to a win then did it again the next night. It’s nice to see them so dominant on home ice but away things have been slightly different. Regardless it is still November and there is lots of time and a great October has put them in the position to have a few off games without the sky falling. I remain 100% behind this team and their potential and as an eternal optimist with regard to my team I say they pull out a 3-1 full marks team effort win!

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