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What can I say. Last night Canes Domain stayed home to catch some much-needed rest and relaxation – meanwhile – the Hurricanes put on one of the most dominating performances in Lethbridge WHL history. I didn’t watch a second of the game, but based on the stat-line… I was shocked and impressed. What was most disturbing was that poor Ice netminder Declan Hobbs was left in goal for all 9 Hurricane tallies.

The Hurricanes fully embodied what can only be described as a hockey version of Leviathan (see what I did there Purcell?) last night, destroying everything in their path.

Tonight the opposition is much different. How will the Canes react?



Tonight the Wheaties roll into Lethbridge. Brandon was pegged as the team to beat in the East. They are big, strong, talented, and aged to perfection. As we looked at in our quarterly review, while the Wheat Kings may not be getting the points some had hoped for, they statistically perform well. Brandon out shoots and out-scores their opponents with consistency. When push comes to shove in the East, my money is still on the Wheat Kings to emerge victorious this Spring.

The Hurricanes will need to bring their A-game tonight – make no mistake. A 9 – 0 whipping is just not going to happen against this Brandon squad. The thing is – as talented as they are – the Wheat Kings are certainly beatable. The Hurricanes pushed Brandon to the bring in their only meeting so far this season. Lethbridge can roll with these guys. While the Wheaties were named “kings” in the off season, they have yet to win their crown. If Jewish reggae teaches you anything, it’s about kings with no crown.

That’s all I’m going to say today. Be sure to tune in after the game for our full breakdown – and I’ll see you at the rink.

Go Canes Go.




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