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I have a soft spot for macho-man “douche rock” music. You know exactly what I’m talking about. We’re talking Nickelback, Default, Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace… all of it. It’s like this sick addiction I have. I occasionally let the dulcet tones of Chad Kroeger tickle my inner ear lobe (weird right?), and frankly, I feel no shame.

I find it hilarious. When I crank up “Rock Star” or “Riot,” everything in my life starts to make sense. I feel alive. It’s a feeling unlike any other if I’m honest.

I usually end up loading my ATV into the box of my lifted diesel truck – installing a set of plastic testicles on my ball hitch – polishing my set of chrome naked women silhouette mud flaps – and cruising Mayor Magrath with my subwoofers blasted.

Today I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to my new favorite member of the “douche rock” pantheon. They’re known as Monster Truck… and they will rock your face off.

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I’ve never really gotten onboard with the Hurricane’s “Canes Train” slogan. It’s not that it’s a bad one – it’s actually brilliant. It has flow. It rhymes. We have a giant freaking train bridge in our city. There’s plenty of visual and metaphorical comparisons that can be drawn between a train and a hockey team.

The issue for me is I went to a number Hitmen games back around ‘08, and their entire marketing was based on the “rolling train”. They even had a giant Hitmen train animation on the jumbotron when they scored. So it’s always been a little weird for me to reference the Hurricanes and the “train”, when my memory automatically defaults to the Hitmen.



ALL THAT SAID… the Cane Train keeps on rollin baby!! Do yourself a favor and turn Monster Truck’s “Old Train” up to 11 as you drive to the rink today. I’m actually writing this with it blasting in my headphones. So if today’s preview smells like pure high octane gasoline, Black Label beer, and unbridled testosterone… well… blame Monster Truck.

The Hurricanes will try for 10… 10… TEN… X. Ten wins in a row tonight. What more can be said. These guys find a way to win no matter the situation. On this streak, they’ve pulled out a shoot out win in Red Deer, an OT win against the Raiders, and another OT victory last night over the visiting Warriors. This year’s edition of the Hurricanes have yet to surrender a single point in extra time.




The Oil Kings are one of the teams caught somewhere between pretty good, and not nearly good enough to be serious competitors. I don’t think it’s a big secret that the Oil Kings entertained, and even pursued selling some of their top assets at the deadline. They were asking premium prices for their best players. I have no doubt that Peter Anholt took calls on stud defenseman Dysin Mayo, but the asking price was simply too high. In the end, the Oil Kings held pat and will try to go as far as their roster will take them this spring.

Edmonton is riding a two game winning streak and have posted a 4-3-2-1 in their last ten. Notable injuries for the Oil Kings include Alec Dillon (G), and Luke Bertolucci. The most recent update of the WHL weekly report was on Jan 18th, so it’s possible Bertolucci may be ready to play tonight. He did not play in last night’s 1 – 0 victory over the Everett Silvertips so it’s fair to say he’s questionable.

Payton Lee turned aside 27 shots to earn a shutout and it will be interesting to see if the Oil Kings decide to go back to him in back to backs, or elect to start Patrick Dea.
The guys that carry the mail for Edmonton are Brett Pollock (50 pts), Lane Bauer (45 pts), and Dysin Mayo (29). Obviously the Hurricanes will want to key in on all three if they intend to win their tenth straight.




The Hurricanes won last night, but it was by the skin of their teeth. It was an extremely well contested game. Outside of the opening ten minutes, a stretch that saw the Hurricanes completely dominate the visitors, it was a back and forth affair. I was impressed with the victory for a number of reasons, few more notable than the dramatic changes in the lineup.

I interviewed Brent Kisio after the game, and he admitted the team is a little “banged up right now” and players were asked to fill holes they aren’t usually familiar with. Tyler Wong, a natural winger, spent most of the night facing off against Brayden Point at centre. Point finished the night with 0’s across the board – a feather in Wong’s cap.

A big part of the roster fluctuation was the unforeseen absence of overagers Arvin Atwal, and Justin Gutierrez. I’m willing to assume they will be back in the lineup tonight, but that’s yet to be seen. The great news about them being scratched? It made more room for young Josh Tarzwell to make his regular season Hurricanes debut. Tarzwell, a 15 year old forward the Hurricanes drafted in the 2nd round of this summer’s bantam draft, acquitted himself just fine on the 4th line. It’s always a pleasure to see a 15 year old get his first shot with the big club.

Well done Josh.

Carter Folk’s return to the lineup was a huge factor in last night’s victory. Folk was a physical catalyst, and Kisio was quick to give him credit for his role in the hot start when we chatted after the game.

What lineup will we see tonight? Frankly, your guess is as good as mine. There are numerous things at play, and I will be eagerly waiting to see the final rosters.

Either way, this team’s proven it can we regardless of who’s on the ice, and I expect nothing less tonight. The Hurricanes have a perfect 2 – 0 record against Edmonton and both games were on the road.

Crank up the Monster Truck baby! We’re going for ten!




GDP: The Hurricanes winning streak reaches 10 as they take this one 4-1.

OGDP: Giorgio Estephan will extend his goal scoring streak to 7 games, when he finds the net midway through the 2nd period.

NSOGDP: The Bridge City truck that drives around the ice will look exactly like the one I described in the opening of this article. Testicles and all.


What do you think? Who are you excited to watch tonight and what will be the outcome. Comment below.


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