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“Love Hurts”, “Hair of the Dog”, “Holy Roller”, “This Flight Tonight”… Nazareth is a legendary 70’s-80’s band. The mid 70’s… we’re talking about a band at it’s zenith – at the ‘height of their powers’ if you will.

Last night I was on 110% Podcast’s “Hurricanes This Week” and I made a huge mistake. No – it wasn’t a wild opinion or controversial comment… it was worse. I mistook Nazareth for Judas Priest. I could try to explain… I mean, Judas knew Jesus… and Jesus was a Nazareth boy, but, I’ll accept defeat and just kindly walk away with my head hung low.

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Today’s game preview isn’t actually much of a game preview. As I said in the intro, I spent my usual writing time on 110% talking hockey with Dylan Purcell and Fred Jack. It was great, and while both of those men eclipse me in hockey knowledge, experience, and rock and roll savvy, it was still fun to be on the show.

The truth of the matter is I’m not even sure what I would write about heading into tonight’s game. Here’s what you need to know.

The Hurricanes are fighting off the Rebels for the division lead. Lethbridge plays Kootenay tonight. Lethbridge lost 2-0 to Kootenay in their last meeting…. Kootenay is the worst team in the WHL. The Hurricanes cannot afford another loss to the ICE if they are serious about winning the central.

That’s pretty much it. Obviously there’s all sorts of subtle things we can look at, but it all boils down to needing to get two points against a cellar dwelling team.

Will the Canes get the job done or will they repeat their sterile effort from their last visit to the East Kootenay’s?

Game time is 7 pm. Join us on Twitter for updates and thoughts.

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I look waaaaaay to happy. Seriously, Wuchterl… I need to start approving these pics.




GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Hurricanes bring their “A” game tonight and take two points. 6-2 final score.

OBVIOUS GDP: A regular guy will get the night off to rest up prior to playoffs. 

NOT SO OBVIOUS GDP: Nazareth will be played in the building… this is the East Kootenay’s we’re talking about.


What do you think? Who are you excited to watch tonight and what will be the outcome. Comment below.


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