• Brock Boot


(Photo Credit: Lethbridge Hurricanes)

Are you serious?? Pinch me! This is surreal.

The Lethbridge Hurricanes – the same team that finished with 48 points a season ago – have just captured the regular season Central Division crown. You’re not reading that wrong. Trust me. It’s true and it’s glorious.

What a season it has been! From top to bottom this team has been a massive surprise. Everything has gone better than expected yet I don’t feel like luck is a factor. I really truly believe this was all accomplished with hard work and the right people pushing the right buttons behind the scene. It’s amazing what an organization can accomplish once it puts the correct people in place.


I believe what we are seeing is the functional implementation and execution of sustainable growth, development, and structure. The fruits of the labour is already been born – seasons ahead of schedule.

Peter Anholt got his hands on the sinking ship less than a year and a half ago. Today the Hurricanes are division winners. Remarkable. Credit to the GM, the coach, the support staff, and above all, to the players. This is their accomplishment and they need to be commended for it. Turning the tide of a floundering organization requires strong willed individuals and to me, the turn-around could never have occurred without the incredible character of the core players on this club.

Of course, winning the regular season division crown doesn’t mean much if you struggle in the playoffs. So for all the excitement I raise, I also want to temper things as much as possible. Let’s enjoy this as fans and supporters, but lets also keep our eyes on the prize. Has this team accomplished something? Absolutely. Just remember there’s more to prove and greater banners yet up for grabs.

Congratulations Hurricanes.

We can’t wait to see where things go from here.




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