Join the Team



Hello Lethbridge hockey fans!

I’m excited to announce that the Canes Domain team is looking to add another regular contributor. We are a Lethbridge Hurricanes focused website that was established this past spring (April 2015). The team currently consists of myself (Brock Boot) and Jeremy Sakamoto.

The new contributor would be responsible for:

  • Writing research articles of his/her own interest about the Hurricanes or WHL.
  • Writing game-day previews the night before gameday
  • Covering games and providing post-game analysis within 2 hours of game completion
  • Creating striking graphics to complement the written content (non-essential but advantageous)


NOTE: If you aren’t located in Lethbridge but have an interest in writing content focused on the WHL as a whole, please send in a resume’ as well. Though we have an immediate need for a local writer, I would love to have someone dedicated to discussing stats, numbers, trends, on a league-wide level as well. That person wouldn’t need to be located in Lethbridge.


The ideal candidate would possess the following attributes/skills:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely through writing (ie. good grammar, sentence structure, proof reading). A college diploma or university degree would be a huge asset, but isn’t required
  • Represent the city and website well through strong social skills and verbal articulation
  • Ability/time to attend as many Hurricanes games as possible
  • Acess to a vehicle to get to-and-from home games
  • Must be over the age of 18
  • A passion/knowledge of the sport and love for jr. hockey in Lethbridge
  • Computer literacy. Must be able to type quickly and get content online in short-order
  • Ability to multi-task under pressure – to analyze the hockey while simultaneously taking notes and occasionally tweeting
  • Ability to photo-edit and design graphics in Adobe CC  (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc…)
  • Own a laptop
  • Be positive and lighthearted. Enjoy pop-culture and keep up-to-date on social media trends


What we offer:

  • A rapidly growing local and national (primarily Western Canada and the PNW USA) audience for your writing
  • Training. We won’t throw you to the wolves. The right person will be brought along at their own speed and, at the very least, be taught the bare minimum website and design basics
  • Beer
  • Opportunity to develop writing, graphic design, and web development skills in a high profile (hockey) industry
  • Limitless potential for advancement. You write as much or as little (within reason) as your time/interest allows


If that sounds like you, or even mostly like you, I would love to get in contact and have a chance to discuss – in person – what joining the Canes Domain team would look like. Perhaps you have never written for pleasure before and have always had an interest (this was the case for both Jeremy and myself), or maybe you used to be in journalism but life has taken you elsewhere and you want to get back into it? Whatever your reasoning, I want to meet and have a chance to connect regardless.


This is an open calling, but understand that in order to build a strong reputation as a reputable hockey source, we want to remain cautious and vigilant when adding contributors. With that in mind, not everyone is fit for the role, and I would ask you are patient and understanding to that end.


Please forward resumes or inquiries to:

Brock Boot

403 795 9077


Thank you for your interest and continued readership,