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Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the tens of thousands of Canadian men and women that have served our proud nation in the armed forces. The freedom we celebrate today, and often take for granted, was (and is) born on the backs of the brave souls that fight for Canada at home and abroad. To those that have given their lives, we thank you. To those who still bear the weight of our freedom, whether physically or emotionally, words cannot express our gratitude.

I know I often have a tendency to narrow my vision – to see my personal journey through life as ultimate. Remembrance Day is a beautiful, startling, opportunity for reflection. It’s a sobering reminder that the freedom we possess to concern ourselves… with ourselves – is only possible because thousands have paid the ultimate price along the way.

Freedom is not free. I know I am naive to what it has cost. I’ve never served. I can’t empathize with our servicemen. I am, for all intensive purposes, ignorant to the life they surrender for us.

Thankfully gratitude doesn’t presuppose empathy.

To those that have given everything – and in full knowledge that words are not enough – we say thank you.


Wherever you found yourself today, I hope you had a chance to show your support, to take a moment for reflection, and to celebrate the gift we’ve been given.

Lest We Forget…

One thought on “LEST WE FORGET…”

  1. @TheransDad says:

    I love that line about giving us the freedom to concern ourselves with ourselves. It’s funny where we take our freedom sometimes. It feels as though remembering them will never quench the sacrifice and we are to be eternally indebted but in sport and life the most we can do is our best and I think ultimately that’s sufficient. I hope we can all give our best in memory of those who did.

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