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I’m thrilled to announce Canes Domain has grown by one! It was a few months ago I was able to announce that Jeremy Sakamoto had joined the team. Since then, Jer has consistently proven to be a great mind and a fantastic person to enjoy covering hockey with.

Today I want to introduce you to Tyler Stewart. Tyler is a multifaceted guy with a passion for hockey and writing – but I’ll let him talk about that himself. For my part, I’m just excited to add another talented and entertaining person to the Canes Domain fold. On a practical level, this will (hopefully) mean more content for you, the reader. Tyler has an interest in human stories and you can look for him to bring a different flavor to the site.

Without further ado – Tyler Stewart.



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Hey there folks, thanks for having me (Tyler) on the show.

Born in Edmonton during the Oilers dynasty, my world was soon shattered after moving to the bustling metropolis of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan at the ripe age of four. The Oilers dynasty ended around the same time. Coincidence? I think not.

However, Saskabush did offer me the chance to grow up playing hockey on the farm pond and watching the hometown Warriors in the Crushed Can, named by The Hockey News as one of the greatest arenas of all time to see a game. Plus Theoren Fleury was a regular guest at my dad’s backyard pool parties, so that was pretty cool too (he even remembered me two years ago when I met him again – nice guy).

From there, a stint in BC converted me into a Canucks fan (sorry), moving to Toronto for three years further solidified my hatred for the Leafs (not sorry), after which I came to Lethbridge in 2009 to find the Hurricanes at the bottom of the league after their last playoff run. I was too busy making bad decisions in university to get behind the Hurricanes, but after another stint up in Calgary the past three years (just can’t get behind the Flames either), I returned to Lethbridge last fall just as the Canes got hot again. Coincidence? I think not.

Though I’m a less skilled hockey analyst than Brock or Jeremy, I have spent the better part of the last decade managing and writing for various magazines, blogs and websites, so I promise to never give you boring content. Regardless if the Canes stay “hot or not” (who’s old enough to remember that website? Terrible, I know.), I’m in for the long haul and excited to share my passion for the game with everyone out there listening.

Tyler J Stewart


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Born in Edmonton during the Oilers dynasty, my world was shattered after moving to Moose Jaw at the age of four. Made Lethbridge my adopted hometown. Somehow Canuck fan. Too much creative energy for my own good.




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