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So the 2016 WHL Bantam Draft went down earlier today and the Lethbridge Hurricanes were as active as could be expected. This year’s draft was Peter Anholt’s second as the GM and it posed a very different challenge. Pete entered today with significantly less work to do. The Hurricanes had a successful season!

There was no need to worry about blowing up the core and aggressively trying to swap players for picks (though they did make one trade of this nature). Today’s draft was…. well, it was just business as usual. Try and stock the system with the best young talent possible and attempt to find value as deep as possible.

There’s really no way to judge the success of today’s work… at least not until a few years have gone by. We can however quickly dive into the selections and what they tell us about the mindset of the manager.  This draft review will very quickly look at today’s draft from a Hurricanes perspective and (hopefully) provide some answers on what’s to come.

Let’s dive right in!


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The 2016 WHL Playoffs are here and we thought it would be fun to celebrate with a daily updated live blog page focused around a league-wide playoff bracket. The live blog will take us through from now (Wednesday, March 16th) to the end of the playoffs. We will update it every day to display the status of each series as we move from the first round on through to the finals.

We will also throw up any relevant information as the playoffs progress. Links to news articles, interesting stories, forums, photos, and much more. We’ll curate everything we can and regularly update the page so that you don’t have to scour the internet.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the Live Blog, and be sure to pass on any relevant materials so we can add them to the page.


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I often find myself resenting a good movie for ending too soon. I’m hunkered down with popcorn and some Sprite in the theater all ready for the adventure to continue when it suddenly ends. It always makes me a little sad. I want to know what happens to the characters from that point on! Unfortunately, the filmmakers and writers decide to end the tale – and in turn – leave you guessing.

The flipside of course, is being in a theater watching an awful film that never. seems. to. end. It’s the WORST. You squirm, look around angrily, start to resent the characters and the actors bringing them to life, look at your watch, and hope that every fade to black is the last.

Tonight’s game was both of those two experiences rolled into one. On the broad level, this season was exceptional! I didn’t, and still don’t, want it to end! I’m curious about what comes next?! What sort of great stories and plot lines are we missing out on now that it’s ended? I’m hungry for more adventures with the 2015-2016 Hurricanes.

On the other, tonight was a poorly written horror film with B-list actors. It was a nightmare I couldn’t wait to see the final credits roll. By the time the Pats had rubbed enough salt in the wound to preserve a thousand hams, I was ready for the buzzer to sound, and mercifully, it did.

We wrap.     


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(Photo: Keith Hershmiller)

Say what you want about Mel Gibson – actually don’t – that’s probably best saved for a different kind of blog. Say nothing of Mel Gibson and instead accept his brilliant 1995 war epic Braveheart is a masterstroke.

The movie tells the story of famed Scottish hero William Wallace and his defiance of the English monarchy. He’s kind of a bad ass… what with the long hair, war paint, and general intensity.

Long story short, the movie concludes with Wallace leading his small army against a much bigger, experienced, and heavily favoured force. You’ve all heard his famous “pre-game” speech so I won’t quote it again. What I will say though is tonight’s theme echoes Wallace’s cry.



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(Photo Credit: Keith Hershmiller)

Pardon me for a moment while I go all history geek in this wrap up, but it’s what I went to school for so you’re just going to have to bear with me. While the name Sisyphus may not be the most well known, his tale is legendary. According to Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the ancient king of Ephyra (modern day Corinth). He had it all. Wealth. Power. Fame.

However, his use of trickery and deceit greatly angered the pantheon of gods leading to his eternal fate. Sisyphus is said to be tasked with pushing a large boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down, over and over again, for all time. That’s got to be what playing the Pats feels like for the Canes over the course of the last 3 games. We wrap below.

We wrap.


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