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The final episode of season five of the Game of Thrones, featured the White Walkers leading their hordes of zombies against Jon Snow, a handful of members of the Night’s Watch and Wildlings. During the battle Jon would learn that only his sword of Valyrian steel could kill the White Walkers. But he alone was not enough to cope with the onslaught.

Thus, Jon and a few of those who survived escaped from the horrendous massacre and returned to the temporary safety of Castle Black.

Trouble was Jon Snow had no idea of what was lurking in the dark shadows of Castle Black.

Upon his arrival, Jon was duped by Olly into a meeting which led to the leadership of the Night’s Watch stabbing Jon (as they considered him to be a traitor for befriending the Wildlings).  Jon collapsed into the snow.

Followers of this series, were shocked to see Jon Snow lying in a pool of blood. Jon Snow’s character (with so many things left unresolved) was dead.

Or…………..was he?


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  • Brock Boot


(Photo Credit: Keith Hershmiller)

Since today’s game day preview was focused on the dangers of artificial intelligence and the “singularity”, it only makes sense to carry on with the analogy. Tonight the word is ‘Ex Machina’ (pronounced MOCK-IN-AH… cause it drives me crazy when I hear MASHEENA… and yes I’m that guy). It’s a latin term that originated from a Greek phrase that means “a god from a machine”.

Now you’re probably thinking, that’s great and all Brock, but what does it actually mean. In its simplest form, it means something or someone that enters a story in the last possible moment (and out of nowhere) to solve a previously unsolvable issue.

It’s also the name of a great movie that references the dangers of artificial intelligence and the potential threat of the singularity. Now we’ve come full circle.

What I’m really getting at with ‘ex machina’ is that tonight the hero for the Pats was Rykr Cole – the unlikely but convenient problem solver. He’s not the guy anyone expected to score the game-winning goal, but he did, and it helped the Pats win a game that might otherwise have eluded them.   

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  • Brock Boot


(Photo: Keith Hershmiller)

Are you familiar with the concept of ‘technological singularily’? If not, it might be time to take a quick crash course. I’ll try my best to explain.

The technological singularity, or ‘singularity’ for short, is a hypothetical event in which artificial intelligence becomes capable of recursive some-improvement. In other words, it’s the potential point in history where we conceptualize and construct intelligent machines (computers, robots, networks, etc) capable of improving their own abilities and autonomously building even smarter more powerful version of themselves (think The Matrix, Terminator, Ex Machina, i-Robot, etc).

It doesn’t take long to realize that the singularity is a terrifying concept… and that it’s virtually inevitable (many project it to occur around 2040). The capabilities of superintelligent AI systems utilizing quantum computing, nanotechnology, and advanced robotics would far surpass human capabilities. In an instant (and possibly unwittingly to the human race), the singularity could irreversibly change the course of history.

(If you think this concept sounds crazy, just watch this life-like robot news story and tell me with a straight face 2040 is a long-shot for the singularity.)

More on technology and also hockey… after the jump.


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  • Brock Boot


(Photo Credit: Keith Hershmiller)

You know that opening scene from The Return of the King where we see Smeagol (Gollum) out fishing with his brother Deagol? At first, they’re just having a good ole time together, probably sipping a few beers and talking about the prettiest hobbit girls around town (you know… fishing) – but then – things get serious.

Deagol finds the One Ring in the river and Smeagol wants it really bad. They start fighting and Deagol appears to be winning at first! Only, Smeagol survives the early onslaught and quickly turns the fight in his favor. Before he knows it, Deagol has Smeagol’s cold, bony hands around his neck… and it’s too late.

Struggle as he might, Deagol is slowly suffocated to death by the more cunning Smeagol and Gollum is born.   

Trust me… this will eventually all make sense… I hope.

We wrap.


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  • Jeremy Sakamoto



Wow. Just wow. Three simple words, but they largely prove to be an apt analysis of last night’s game. If you weren’t in attendance then simply put, you missed out.

Seven years is a long time to wait for anything and you could tell that the players and fans were seriously hungry for some playoff action. The building was at a fever pitch all night long, and the boys delivered, skating away with a 6-3 victory and 1-0 series lead. But what does that mean for tonight?

Here’s today’s game day preview….


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