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It was a hard fought game but the Bronco’s skated away with the 2-1 victory in Coaldale.


First Period:

Overall pretty even period but will give the edge to the Bronco’s. Both teams came out fired up, throwing the body, skating hard, and generally giving it everything they had. Lead to some sloppy play but generally entertaining. Canes took two penalties in the second half of the period which seemed to put them on their heels.

Bronco’s had the better of the chances thanks largely to some bad turnovers by Canes defensemen. Was impressed by the play of Kegler. Made some nice saves through traffic on the two penalty kills.

Not the best period. Not the worst.

Second Period: 

A bounce-back period for the Canes. Started to take control of the game. Earned a few powerplays thanks to moving their feet. Brady Reagan was moving well tonight. There were a number of plays where his quickness was really on display. Unfortunately, a few of those occasions were caused by sloppy turnovers up the ice.

The Broncos opened the scoring on a penalty by Pankewicz. While attempting to hold the Bronco’s blueline, the puck hopped over and Pankewicz lost body position on the Bronco’s forward. The Bronco’s Arnold scored on a deflected shot from the point by Minulin.

The Canes played a better period but found themselves down a goal and unable to capitalize on powerplays.

Third Period:

Again I would give the edge to the Canes for the majority of the period. They came out and tied the game five seconds in on a nice faceoff win by Justin Gutierrez allowing Babenko to streak in and go high glove over Travis Child. The Bronco’s would answer back on a goal Kegler probably wants back. He played a fantastic game and gave the Canes a chance to win, but the game winning goal beat him clean five hold along the ice.

From that point on the Canes really took over and applied the pressure but couldn’t find the equalizer. They managed to sustain pressure for consecutive shifts of five on five play and eventually forced the Broncos to take a time-out.

In the end they just couldn’t find a way to generate another goal and the Bronco’s skated away with the W.



  • The DJ was KILLING IT all night long. I’m talking Arcade Fire, Toto, Eddy Grant. Well done Coaldale. You’re welcome at the Enmax anytime.
  • Fantastic sold-out crowd. The people were really into it and it was a fun atmosphere. Thank’s Coaldale.
  • The Bronco’s had name bars on their jerseys. As someone not as familiar with the players in their system, that was really nice.
  • The play of Brandon Kegler. I was really impressed with his game. Made some really timely saves on bad turn-overs and I felt this was the best I had seen him in regard to rebound control. He gave the Canes a chance to win and cannot be faulted for the loss despite the winning goal not being the greatest.
  • Egor Babenko is looking very comfortable and scored a nice goal tonight. He reads the ice well and keeps his head up. I am excited to see more from him as the season progresses. Seems to play well with Gutierrez but I’m not sure that will be a long-term pairing.
  • The play of Jaeger White was great tonight. It was the first time I’ve really noticed him for all good reasons this year. That’s not to say he has played bad, but I think he is capable of more than we have seen. Tonight he showed it with what I thought was a great effort despite not finding the scoresheet. Alongside Burke and Wong, the three played a pivotal role in putting the Bronco’s on their heels late in the game.
  • Tyler Wong dropped the mitts and the place went wild.




  • Turn overs. Much like the game against the Tigers last week, the Canes made a few bad turnovers tonight. The culprits were largely the defensemen. Thankfully, Kegler bailed out his teammates on a number of occasions. Allan, Atwal and Reagan all had a few bad moments where the puck found it’s way from their stick to a Bronco streaking in the opposite direction. Some were bad bounces, but others were avoidable and hopefully they can tighten things up a bit moving forward.
  • The Bronco’s D was very good for their collective age. The Canes struggled to penetrate and were kept to the perimeter for much of the game. I was really impressed with the play of Max Lajoie, Artyom Minulin and Colby Sissons. They did a great job shutting down the Hurricanes rush and always seemed to find a way to have their sticks in passing lanes.
  • Brett Davis wore a deflected point shot to the face. He skated off under his own power and seemed to be okay but it was an unfortunate bounce to say the least.
  • The Hurricanes forwards. While it’s probably unfair to say they were “bad”, they really struggled to generate grade A scoring chances. While the Bronco’s D was impressive tonight, the Canes forwards didn’t make a point to generate enough greasy scoring opportunities from second chances. The timing seemed off for sections of the game and passes would bounce and deflect off of sticks.


It was a hard-fought game on both sides. Both teams had stretches of dominance, and in the end, I felt the game could have gone either way. In this case, the Canes just couldn’t seem to get the goal they needed and spent most of the game playing catchup. It was however, a great effort and it wasn’t a ‘bad’ loss. If the Canes continue to compete and work they way they did tonight, they will quickly be miles ahead of where they started last season.

The rematch goes Sunday in Swift Current. Game-time 7 pm.


What did you see tonight? Be sure to drop a comment below.



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