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As I write this, the game just ended. The Hurricanes won 6-1 and I am calling it a night. I don’t plan to mail-it-in very often, but because I wasn’t able to watch the game, it’s hard to bring much to the conversation. We wrap…


Quick Hits

It sounds by the official Twitter updates that the Canes laid a whipping on the Ice in Cranbrook. They led the entire game. Some notes summarizing the official Twitter updates.

  • Sittler split the game with Kegler. Kegler was perfect in his half of the game.
  • Atwal drew into the lineup and had an assist.
  • Canes dominated the shots. Final count 50-21.
  • Lots of powerplays given out to both sides. Neither team made much of them but the Canes did score on a late PP.

Scoring Summary:


  • Sheen – White, Duppereault
  • Kennedy – Vandervlis, Babenko
  • Lindgren – Atwal
  • Davis – Pankewicz, Franklin
  • Duppereault – ?
  • Reagan – Kennedy, Wesley


  • Martin – ?


Great to see the Canes get their first W of the exhibition season – and in dominating fashion. Even better is the offense by committee with six different goal scorers. Also good to see Kegler stand tall – though I can’t speak to the quality of shots he faced. Davis scored for the second time in two games. I loved his game against the Tigers. Glad to see he got on the scoresheet again. Duppereault continues to build a case for himself with a goal and an assist tonight. We will continue to watch what he makes of his opportunities in the future.

Aside from that, there isn’t much more I feel comfortable commenting on having not actually watched the game. The Canes will continue the exhibition season Friday in Coaldale against the visiting Broncos. Get your tickets at the Coaldale Food Market. $10 each. I myself made the trek to grab a ticket today. I also grabbed some cheese buns.

Check back on Friday where we will have full coverage, including a morning preview and post-game comments immediately following the game.



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