Rolling in the Depth

  • Brock Boot

As Hurricanes’ management look to next season, it is key to assess exactly what talent is currently in the system. This is, for lack of a better term, what we will call a ‘needs assessment analysis’. Sound sexy? It shouldn’t, because it’s not. Examining the current depth chart will however, help shed some light on the moves Peter Anholt is likely to make.

As the post-mortem of 2014-2015 continues, we look briefly at the Canes current depth chart in an attempt to assess current strengths and weaknesses.

Let me begin by saying that the graphics below in no way project the roster or potential line combinations. They are based on the official roster from the Hurricanes website. Some of these players only played one game last season and others are likely out of the picture for next year. I subtracted the overage players from last season and those who chose to retire from hockey. These infographics are meant to be informative, not opinionated. I would love to hear your speculations on which of these names you believe will/won’t be on the opening night roster next season.

* This list doesn’t currently include any players from the European Draft. Will update as things progress this summer.


The first thing we notice is that there is an abundance of centers, and very few players at right-wing. This isn’t usually a major issue as centers can easily be moved to the wing (though not ideal). It will be interesting to see if Anholt decides to trade one or two of his centers to make room for some of the high profile prospects in the system *cough* Bellerive *cough*.


These are the forward prospects I was able to find in the system (please let me know if I am missing anyone or added a name this shouldn’t be here.) As you can see, the prospect list is roughly an inverse of the roster above. Preston/Robson identified weakness on RW and drated accordingly in 2013 and 2014.

Looking at the list(s) above, what do you think? Who will be back? Who will make the team from the ’14 and ’13 bantam drafts? Who is likely trade bait? Looking at the forward depth, what direction is Anholt likely to go with the second overall pick this year?



Let me clarify that whether some of these players play RD or LD is up for debate. It depends on what source you look at online. For now we won’t get caught up in the semantics.


Boy would Ty Smith look good on that LD list (for more info read our recent blog entry)…



It’s no secret the Stuart Skinner will be the starter next season. Past that, we will likely see the remaining netminders battle it out for the backup roll. Unless someone plays lights out, we are probably looking at a Skinner-Sittler duo for 2015-2016.


A ’99 born player drafted last year, Farkas hails from Penticton, B.C. Not sure if he is signed or not but he will be the new kid on the block this fall in training camp.

Closing time, and a man and a woman are checking each other out across the bar:  'Slim pickings.'  'Fat chance.'


I hope this post is helpful to all of you trying to track the Canes’ system. I am planning to keep this post updated as changes are made so feel free to bookmark this page and check back as the off-season rolls along. Once the fall comes around I will put together a new depth chart where we can look at actual line combos and defensive pairings.

Feel free to share and use the info-graphics around the web (just please give me some love in return).

Please let me know if I have made any mistakes (I am positive there are a few). I want this blog to be an accurate resource for fans, players, and media alike.

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5 thoughts on “Rolling in the Depth”

  1. Ty says:

    It’s good for the most part! Just need to remove Holub (was released), Amson (retired), Tak Anholt (was traded to Brandon in the Duke trade) , Skumatov (most likely will be gone next season), and Hogue who is now with the Oil kings organization.

    1. Brock Boot says:

      Fixed. Thanks again.

  2. Brock Boot says:

    You sir, are the man. Was too lazy to double check some of those names. Woops #wetheworst

    1. Ty says:

      Oh Kitt is gone as well! He was released.

      1. Brock says:

        Got it. This is good. Too bad the official website is always so outdated.

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