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(Credit: Steve Hiscock)

Funny how the summer always seems to fly by. The rookies hit the ice next week! Hurricanes hockey is just around the corner and I wanted to take a quick peek into the coming season. It only seems fitting to examine a few reasons fans (and management) should be excited about the coming season.

With the foundation the players and coaches were able to establish last season, it’s not hard to be optimistic about the outlook for the coming hockey season. The team is on solid footing and the players ought to be returning with gleeful energy and confidence. The Hurricanes are a good team and there’s no reason this group shouldn’t once again be competing as one of the best in the Eastern Conference.

Without further ado, I present to you five reasons Hurricanes fans should be excited for 2016-2017.


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  • Brock Boot


(Photo Credit: Marissa Baecker)

It’s a simple concept really – what goes up – must come down. There’s no doubt the Hurricanes were flying high prior to Friday’s loss in Victoria. They entered that game on a ten game winning streak, and despite compounding injuries, nothing seemed to slow them down. They lost an uneven affair that night to the Royals and followed up with an equally underwhelming loss Saturday to the Giants. What goes up….

Tonight things don’t get any easier. The Hurricanes are in Kelowna to visit the perennial powerhouse Rockets. Kelowna has been hot on the Canes’ heels for weeks now, and having already beaten Lethbridge twice, will be looking to take over top spot in the WHL tonight with a victory.


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“Diversity: An old old wooden ship” – Ron Burgundy

When I think of diversity – I think of balance. I think of the combination of characteristics and traits across the entire spectrum. It’s something we pride ourselves with as Canadians. Diversity is a good thing! There’s nothing more Canadian than diversity – nothing more Canadian than hockey – and nothing better than watching a well rounded hockey team do it’s thing.

Tonight the Hurricanes showed their disparity – their depth – and again skated away with a big win.

We wrap.    


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  • Jeremy Sakamoto



“That show was delightful. No, no it was brilliant. No, no, no, no. There is no word to describe its perfection, so I am forced to make one up. And I’m going to do so right now. Scrumtrulescent.”

Not only is this one of the funniest scenes in SNL history, it seems to be a pretty apt analogy for the play of the Hurricanes tonight as they capped off a long road trip with a dominant and scrumtrulescent performance over the Red Deer Rebels. What a way to enter the Christmas break for this hockey club and its fans. For the record, I’m aware that the cover image isn’t actually from the skit in question, but what are you going to do? Instead I went with one where Mr. Ferrell is shocked to hear that the Canes are first place in the Eastern Conference 35 games into the season. I think all Canes fans have made this exact face a few times this season. Onto the post-game wrap:

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