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I don’t always love change. It makes me anxious.

Even worse than change is knowing it’s imminent and being helpless to bring it about sooner – a state I was in for most of this Summer.

I am both simultaneously excited and saddened to announce a significant life-change that will, as much as hate to admit it, undoubtedly have an immediate impact on Canes Domain.



After 25 years in Lethbridge, today I can confirm that I will be moving to Calgary. It’s a little wild – kinda scary – and not something I thought I would be announcing… but here I am!

When I first started Canes Domain, I will admit that I had intentions of someday using it as an asset to transition my career into hockey. It’s a big reason why I put so much effort into the website and why I forfeit most of my free time last season.

Today I have an announcement.

I have landed a new full time position – and (for obvious reasons) – it will impact Canes Domain.

I’ll be packing up and moving to Calgary to work for the Western Hockey League.

I’ve accepted a position as the Coordinator, Video & Creative Services and will be responsible for creating and conceptualizing an array of video content for the league and its fans.

I gotta say – I’m pretty excited!

I wouldn’t usually make a huge annoucement or draw attention to something like this, but seeing as many of you have spent so much time interacting and building into the site, I felt it was time to go public and let you all know why I have been a little distracted. Canes Domain readers deserve transparency and this is my way of doing that.

Leaving Lethbridge isn’t something I had thought was imminent, but now that it’s happening, I hope the fresh opportunities, experiences, and relationships that it will afford, push me to keep growing – both in my career and as a person.

I wasn’t sure if this opportunity would work out – so I had been proceeding full steam ahead with another Canes Domain season.

The reality is that I don’t actually know how this change will affect my life, and therefore, I don’t yet entirely know what this means for Canes Domain.

Here’s what I know for sure.

I’ll be living two hours out of Lethbridge so watching Canes games in-person isn’t possible.

I will be working more evenings and weekends than my previous job so my free time might not be what it was last season.

That’s all I can say for certain.

I don’t want to pull the plug on this site, especially knowing Canes Domain is more than just me. That said, I don’t expect either Jeremy or Tyler to pick up my responsibilities and move forward without me – it just wouldn’t be practical. They have wives, kids, careers…. Stuff to do.

For now, I think you should expect to see far less content here on the site (at least for the near future) but continued updates and content on Twitter. Jeremy was already running our Twitter for most games last season and it only makes sense for him to use that avenue during games (if he so desires)

Maybe the reality hasn’t entirely sunken in of yet. Changing cities and careers is something that’s new to me and I won’t lie and say it’s not intimidating.

What I can say is that I’m excited to now be able to focus my attention full time on the WHL. I love this league and I really can’t wait to apply my own vision and love for the creative side of the game onto what the league is already doing.

Canes fans may not be getting as many (or any… I just don’t know yet) game reviews, or analytical articles as they did via Canes Domain last year, but my work with the league will be on display both online and on jumbotron’s across the league during the season.

So in a way – I won’t actually be going anywhere!

I’m looking at it from the angle that I’m just changing communications mediums.

I’ll conclude by saying thank you to all the friends and family who have been encouraging me to make a change – to never settle. Your support has kept me going and kept me positive as I’ve tried to be patient and sort out what was “next” during the summer. I love you all.

I also want to say a huge thank you to all the loyal Canes Domain readers. Had you not been there, interacted, and shown interest in this site, I likely would have given up and might possibly have never had this job opportunity. I’m eternally grateful to the Lethbridge Hurricane fan community.

This isn’t goodbye, but it is a significant change.

I hope you can remain patient as I journey through this transition.



Average uncoordinated tall man. Oilers super fan. U of L Graduate. I like to write about hockey and pretend I know what I’m talking about. I play too much Battlefield and Counter Strike. Snapchat devours my phone bill and data plan. Twitter: @Dasboot34


8 thoughts on “AN ANNOUNCEMENT”

  1. Kent says:

    Sad but great to here. Not a Lethbridge Fan at all but this site was the best local content forum of any in the WHL. Good to hear you will be staying on with the league. Good Luck! Maybe the others will be able to pickup the ball because the insights and info found on this site were tough to beat.

  2. Ben Rowley says:

    That is awesome you will do an epic job with your new job with the WHL

  3. Numberonecaniac says:

    Congrats on the new job the dub got a good one. We are going to miss the Domain however time will tell Good luck in your new venture Brock

  4. Nathan Pearson says:

    Good for you!

  5. Marie says:

    Congrats! I’m really very happy for you, but sad for those of us who start every home game reading your column. Best of luck to you! ???

  6. Todd McCoy says:

    Congratulations Brock! Good for you! It is nice to see good things happen to good people.

  7. Sharon and Byron says:

    Congratulations Brock! We wish you all the best with your new position.

  8. dbourassa says:

    Wow! Congrats from Regina. I’ve said it before, but I was always a big fan of the graphics on this site, so seeing your work on display throughout the league will be fantastic.

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