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The final episode of season five of the Game of Thrones, featured the White Walkers leading their hordes of zombies against Jon Snow, a handful of members of the Night’s Watch and Wildlings. During the battle Jon would learn that only his sword of Valyrian steel could kill the White Walkers. But he alone was not enough to cope with the onslaught.

Thus, Jon and a few of those who survived escaped from the horrendous massacre and returned to the temporary safety of Castle Black.

Trouble was Jon Snow had no idea of what was lurking in the dark shadows of Castle Black.

Upon his arrival, Jon was duped by Olly into a meeting which led to the leadership of the Night’s Watch stabbing Jon (as they considered him to be a traitor for befriending the Wildlings).  Jon collapsed into the snow.

Followers of this series, were shocked to see Jon Snow lying in a pool of blood. Jon Snow’s character (with so many things left unresolved) was dead.

Or…………..was he?



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There are different theories as to which game of a best of seven series is the pivotal game. Of course the game that ends the series, is the 4th win by either team.

But as far as the key game of the series between the Regina Pats and the Lethbridge Hurricanes goes, I believe tonight it the key game as either the Pat’s take total control going up 3-1 or the Hurricanes even the series at 2-2.

Will the Canes’, (highlite for spoiler) like Jon Snow, rise up to fight again?  Only they can determine that outcome.

Are they dead?

No, but coming home down 3-1 against a fired up, very playoff experienced Regina Pat’s team, will make for an almost insurmountable task… 




After the ugly performance by the Pat’s in game one, Regina has turned their game around and put the Canes back on their heels.

Not only has coach John Paddock made adjustments to the scheme of things, his players have bought in, and that has meant nothing but headaches for the Canes.

The Pat’s defensive zone coverage has been next to perfect at full strength and shorthanded.  In both zones the Pat’s forwards are constantly pressuring the Cane’s defense which has led to costly turnovers, and/or odd man rushes.

Although Paddock is routinely double-shifting Adam Brooks, the WHL’s leading scorer is certainly showing no ill-effects of the extra ice time. The speedy Brooks is tearing the slower-footed Canes’ defense apart.  Adam has racked up 8pts in just 3 games against the Canes and has been named first star in 2 of the 3 games in this series. The supporting cast of Steel, Sanford, Wagner and Rykr just adds to the Pat’s arsenal.

Following the mess of game one, goaltender Tyler Brown, has found his groove and has been steady in the last two games. Brown is also getting great support from the 5 players in front of him, who make it next to impossible for Canes’ forwards to get the to net or point shots getting through to him.

I do not expect anything to change for the Pat’s in tonight’s game four.




Are the Canes dead?

Certainly not!

But the only way for this club to rise up and even this series is to adjust to what they are facing.  Short of taking a Valyrian steel sword and cutting down Adam Brooks, they must find a way to limit his opportunities. Key to stopping him (easier said than done) is taking away his time and space and punishing (not dirty) checks.  

There is a dire need for much more production from the Canes’ top trio of Wong, Estephan, and Burke who have combined for a meagre 5 points, which is less than the total registered by Brooks.  The W.E.B. line also needs to contribute to the power-play which has been limited to 1/9 in the last two games. They must find a way to find space, use their speed, and get to the net.

The other huge issue is penalties (29 minutes in game 3). The Canes’ are shooting themselves in the foot, with the constant parade to the sinbin.  Careless, selfish, lazy penalties are ruining their chances of being successful in this series. Kudos to Andrew Nielsen for take responsibility for his costly penalty. Next time, think before you act.

If they do not show some kind of self-restraint, the doors to the penalty box will remain open, as will the exit doors to continuing in the playoffs.

Discipline is therefore a must. Not only with penalties, but limiting the “risky” plays at the offensive blue line, being more defensively responsible in the defensive zone.

There has been an over excess of lackadaisical play by this club and it is imperative that they change things immediately.

It must be a collective consistency.

The one player who has been solid with his consistency and efforts, is goaltender Stuart Skinner. Skinner who is getting playoff battle tested, has been a force between the pipes. Neither of the losses can be pinned on Stuart. I expect that to continue.

Will Kisio juggle his lineup again? It is likely that Carter Folk will be given at least a 1 game suspension, Bellerive is still a question mark, and other minor adjustments are possible.

Time for each and every player to win that next shift, to win the battles for the puck, to be responsible for their play.




The Hurricanes didn’t fill out the lines on today’s game sheet but changes have been made. Folk is suspended for two games and Jayden Sittler will get the start. See the full lineups below.

game three lines



GAME DAY PREDICTION:  Just how “fragile” are the Canes? If Regina strikes early, we may find out rather quickly.

OBVIOUS GDP: Pat’s Adam Brooks will continue his 3 game point streak.

NOT SO OBVIOUS GDP: Hurricane assistant equipment manager Ty Hilgersom will secretly suit up for the Canes and set up an empty net goal.


What do you think? Who are you excited to watch tonight and what will be the outcome. Comment below.


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3 thoughts on “GDB R1G4: JON SNOW”

  1. dbourassa says:

    Here’s the sheet with the Hurricanes’ lines filled in.

    So, a few unexpected changes in personnel coming in tonight’s game for both teams. Apparently Sittler is getting the start in goal for the Hurricanes, which is a choice I’m not sure about. Not to take anything away from Sittler, who is absolutely no slouch in net himself, but I felt like Skinner was doing everything he possibly could to win games in this series short of scoring goals himself (and he can do that too, given the opportunity!). In the absence of Carter Folk, Drayton Thunder Chief is joining the Hurricanes line-up, which has got to be the best surname to appear on a WHL jersey since the Pats had Trygve Many Guns in the line-up at the start of the season. It’s a bit of a bummer to see Folk get that suspension, even if it was probably warranted, but I know he’s from Regina and as such has friends and family out to see him play.

    On the Pats’ side of things, Adam Berg will be out of the line-up tonight and Robbie Holmes will be playing his first WHL playoff game as a result, which comes as a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t aware he was called back up. Holmes came away with a point per game in his two regular season appearances and they’re tossing him onto the Steel/Sanford line right off the bat, no doubt in an effort to try and generate some scoring from a line that doesn’t have a #77 on it.

    While I’m hoping to see a full 60 minute effort from both teams, or at least both teams firing on all cylinders at the same time for a change, having an affiliate player in the line-up for each team adds a little bit more intrigue if that doesn’t occur. It’s always interesting to get a glimpse at the future of each team, especially when the stakes are high, just to see if they’re able to rise to the occasion.

  2. Dennis wickham says:

    Go Canes you boys can do it
    Folk suspension is not out if context.but being at the game last night the pats player who hit cory should also be out for a least a game. The crew who runs the video replay screen should not if been alowed to play folks hit 5 times and yet the hit on cory was not played once. Just saying

  3. kayakgibson says:

    Of all the “card shuffling” by Kisio, the one that certainly comes as a surprise (for me and likely many) is putting Jayden Sittler in nets. As you mentioned DB, it is no slight on Sittler, but Skinner has been solid in nets and is not the reason behind their two consecutive losses. Looking back at previous regular season games, Skinner was 1-1 while Sittler was pulled after 5 goals on 19 shots in their 3rd meeting. I will toss out the 9-8 game. With Folk out he has added an element of toughness with Drayton ThunderChief, who will play with Vanderlis and Skeoch (who was forced to play on the wing back in Ontario).
    The other move, is breaking up the W.E.B. line with the captain playing between Davis and Duppereault. Not a lot of size on the line, but there is speed. Wong is not a natural center.
    I too hope for a good game, but one that results in the Canes regaining home ice advantage. As for the Pat’s adding more scoring potential, it does not bode well for the Canes.
    Whatever Kisio is thinking with the Sittler move, I hope it comes up aces.

    Dennis, I did not see the hit on Millette, but from the reports in the local newspaper, Kisio was livid over a 2 minute minor call, rather than a 5 minute major. As for the Folk hit being replayed, all it does is infuriate the fans, which I guess was the objective. Control of such actions, is usually under the guidance of the club.

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